Writing from the Breakfast Buffet

What a whirlwind week it has been! I write to you from The Westin near San Francisco Airport, the remnants of a hotel breakfast buffet being cleaned up a few feet from my table and my cup of freshly refilled coffee cooling beside me. Whenever I'm presented with a breakfast buffet, my eyes get 10x... Continue Reading →

A Sea of Boxes

Today is the day! The movers are currently loading our belonging into the large truck downstairs and I've decided to write another post to keep me from micro-managing. Last night, Amaury and I divided up all our belongings and threw all the things we're taking on the plane into the closet... which now has a large... Continue Reading →

So Why China?

I started this blog to keep track of our adventures as my husband Amaury and I move to Guangzhou, China. We're so excited to be heading over there after lots of prep, packing, and googling maps and images of our new home.   So where exactly is Guangzhou? I've taken to enticing people to come visit... Continue Reading →

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