Collecting Door Knockers and 1 Dragon in Bologna, Italy

Bologna Porticoes.png

For a beautiful period of my life, I lived in Bologna, Italy. During that time, back in 2013-2014, one of my favorite things to do was simply walk through the old city center along the cobbled streets and through miles of porticoes, soaking in its history, warm earth-tone colors, and hidden treasures. I particularly loved photographing the intricate door knockers on the old buildings. I’ll have to dig through my other Bologna photos and memories again soon, but for now, here is part of my door knocker collection plus one dragon:

Doorknob 8

Doorknob 6

Doorknob 5

Doorknob 9

Doorknob 3

Doorknob 2

Doorknob 4

Doorknob 1



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