Hi I’m Nicola!

My husband Amaury and I are serial expats. We moved to Guangzhou, China in June 2016 leading me to start this blog to write about our travels, day-to-day adventures, adjustments to China and ex-pat life, and various off-topic asides. We’re currently back in the U.S., preparing for our upcoming move to Pakistan next year.

Born in the UK, raised in California, educated in France, Spain, Italy, and Washington D.C., with work experience in Thailand and China, and with family in New Zealand and Australia, I am no stranger to international moves and love to tell travel stories.

I hold a Masters in International Relations and International Economics and have expertise in research, public policy, data analysis, business intelligence, social enterprise, and creating entertaining PowerPoints. I’ve lived in eight countries and speak English, French, Spanish, some Italian, moderate Mandarin, and a very little Urdu. I love to be outdoors, practice yoga, play and sing music, and laugh at myself.

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