The content for this blog was born out of letters I wrote to stay in touch with friends and family on my international move to China in June 2016. As I wrote, my letters home took on an increasingly narrative form that detailed the highs and lows of ex-pat life, experiences traveling in different cities and countries, and cultural adventures/mishaps told with a good dose of self-deprecating humor. I realized that all of these stories that so entertain me and my loved ones, might be interesting to a wider audience, so Happy Wanderings was born.

“Wandering” is defined as “walking or moving in a leisurely, casual, or aimless way.” As a serial ex-pat, I’ve traveled quite a lot. I’ve learned that the best experiences abroad come from letting go and enjoying the journey itself, the people along the way, the food, and the seemingly random but poignant experiences that can happen when least expected. As such, I embrace the aimlessness of wandering, I wander happily, I go on happy wanderings.

I invite you to browse this site by most recent posts; go back in time to start at the beginning of my adventures; explore posts by region, country, and city; or enjoy my occasional ex-pat asides.

Go on, have a wander. And be happy.

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