Recommended Restaurants

My husband and I obviously prioritize food on our travels. More than fuel, for us, food is a way to truly get to know a place and situate it firmly in our memory. Searching for good eats inevitably causes us to thoroughly explore a new place. And, it’s over meals that we have our best conversations, rehash our adventures, and relish the moments we have together. At home, we reminisce by recreating dishes and seeking out newly discovered ingredients. So yes, food is always a focus for us. Food is love. This is probably why I get along so well with my mother-in-law, who infuses her love into her delicious home-cooking.

Restaurant recommendations are scattered through my blog posts. This section lists and expands on them by country along with links to their websites and TripAdvisor reviews. I’ve also included some local specialties to try on your own travels.

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