Bonnie the Bonsai isn’t looking so hot

As usual, you find me and China in a state of transition. It's been a while since my last missive, so brace yourselves for a lengthy ramble!Chinese New Year and the holiday season ended with a happy sigh last week with the Lantern Festival- it occurs about 15 days after New Year's day. Colored lanterns appeared outside... Continue Reading →

Keeping calm during the Airpocalypse

It's been a relatively quiet couple of weeks here in our household. Though Guangzhou continues to surprise us, we've settled into a weekly rhythm of work, Chinese class, dinners with friends, tourism, and quiet time at home. Less than two months ago, the smallest things like riding the metro, hailing a cab, or meeting friends... Continue Reading →

So Why China?

I started this blog to keep track of our adventures as my husband Amaury and I move to Guangzhou, China. We're so excited to be heading over there after lots of prep, packing, and googling maps and images of our new home.   So where exactly is Guangzhou? I've taken to enticing people to come visit... Continue Reading →

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