2 out of 589 million tourists

I hope this finds you well. We just got back from our long trip during China's "National Days" holiday known as "huang jin zhou" or "golden week" in English. This holiday marks one of China's annual migration events, the other being during Chinese New Year. Last week, almost half of China's 1.36 billion people traveled... Continue Reading →

How to make friends and influence spreadsheets

Friends, it’s happened! I have become a regular at a coffee shop, which means Guangzhou is officially home. There is a great little coffee shop in the heart of the Financial District that serves hipster-worthy coffee and tasty sandwiches. Today the nice barista with great English gave me a discount for being regular, saying, “It’s... Continue Reading →

Writing from the Breakfast Buffet

What a whirlwind week it has been! I write to you from The Westin near San Francisco Airport, the remnants of a hotel breakfast buffet being cleaned up a few feet from my table and my cup of freshly refilled coffee cooling beside me. Whenever I'm presented with a breakfast buffet, my eyes get 10x... Continue Reading →

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